social media and mental health

Mental health distress: Decoding the impact of social media on Generation Z

A study finds that #GenZ is more likely to report poor mental health compared with older generations, and underscores the need to address the impact of #socialmedia use. #mentalhealth #mobilephoneaddiction Read more »
trade facilitation measures can boost export growth

The glass ceiling: G20 must push for WTO reforms for inclusive trade

#G20 should lead efforts towards overarching #WTO reforms to empower developing countries, say #trade experts. Read more »
markets vs welfare measures

Balancing markets and welfare measures key to inclusive growth

The government must ensure that #welfare measures do not lead to inefficiencies, and disincentives to work and invest, says a paper. #jandhanyojana #ayushmanbharat #mgnrega Read more »
India's sustainability focus may work.

Sustainability, digital transformation central to India’s development strategy

A report by #PMEAC discusses strategies for #sustainability, #digital transformation, and global economic governance – hot topics at various #G20 forums. Read more »