US-China tech rivalry, AI

India must lead the charge towards equitable AI

To unlock AI's full potential, India must bridge the data divide and champion diverse perspectives in AI development. #AI #artificialintelligence Read more »
ESG and clean energy transition

ESG revolution: India can lead the world towards sustainability

The positive environmental factors and global convergence in ESG standards are paving the way for a sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future, writes Shailesh Haribhakti. #esg #sustainability #netzero #climatechange Read more »
Fintech regulation

The Maverick Effect: How NASSCOM nurtured IT industry

Without #NASSCOM, archaic regulations would have crippled the growth of the #ITindustry, allowing competing countries to race ahead, write Shailesh Haribhakti and Suyash Agrawal. #digitalindia Read more »
budget 2023 green initiatives

Budget 2023: Focused on ESG and inclusive growth

Budget 2023 has set aside Rs 35,000 crore towards capital investment initiatives to achieve net zero emissions by 2070. Read more »
esg focus on sustainability

Sustainable profits: How ESG is helping businesses shift focus

ESG thinking has brought the focus on evolutionary governance that seeks to achieve sustainable profitability. Read more »
policy circle image

Accounting and auditing: AI triggers once-in-a-century transition

The emerging accounting and auditing ecosystem powered by blockchains will deliver safe data as well as trustworthy analysis and insights. Read more »
Ukraine Russia conflict and Indian economy

Russian invasion of Ukraine: Implications for Indian economy

The Ukraine crisis will test the resilience of the Indian economy to withstand global events. Read more »
budget 2022 future of indian economy

Budget 2022: Making Indian economy future ready

Budget 2022 is wholly relevant to the new India which is agile, resilient, confident and self-reliant. Read more »
happy new year 2022

New Year 2022: Where idealism meets inevitability

New Year 2022 will be one of large upheavals and inequality. But it will also see collective efforts to ensure that no one is left behind. Read more »
COP26 UN climate change conference

COP26: World will overcome anxiety about future without fossil fuels

The world will struggle to reach 50% renewables, but will hit net zero faster than committed at COP26. Read more »