indian economy facing inflation spiral

Indian economy: War on runaway inflation will warrant sacrifices

The high wholesale prices will be passed on to consumers in the next few months which could...
farmers suffer from wheat export ban

Wheat export ban: Farmers suffer financial losses, and India a loss of face

Runaway inflation singes Indian economy

Runaway inflation may leave RBI with Hobson’s choice

GST collections soar

Analytics, AI tools help govt boost GST collections

uttar pradesh economy gets a big push

An agenda for making Uttar Pradesh a $1tn economy

mining industry

Mining output should be left to demand-supply dynamics

The government should take a relook at the stringent mining output norms set to ensure adequate supply...
Palm oil prices soar after Indonesian ban

Palm oil prices soar after Indonesian ban, hasten India’s self-sufficiency push

insurance industry facing tech disruption

Regulatory practices in insurance industry must evolve with technology

community management of forest fires

People’s participation can prevent forest fires

Creation of more van panchayats and more autonomy to these bodies would strengthen the involvement of local...
end to plastic pollution problem

Can AI-designed super enzyme end plastic pollution crisis

india's green hydrogen drive

India’s green hydrogen drive faces heavy odds

World Health Assembly opens

World Health Assembly: Focus on food safety, oral health, tuberculosis, innovations

The theme of World Health Assembly, Health for Peace, Peace for Health is timely and appropriate for...
Ayurveda Aahara classification conerns

Ayurveda Aahara: New food category raises safety concerns

shecession or mancession

Mancession to shecession: Why did pandemic recession hit women harder

FSSAI selects health star rating as FoPL model

FSSAI sides with industry, puts consumers at risk

labour day 2022 musings

Labour Day 2022: Workers’ participation in management remains a distant dream