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crude oil prices

Rising crude oil prices give sleepless nights to policymakers

Soaring crude oil prices pose a significant challenge for governments and monetary authorities around the world. #inflation...
OECD Economic Outlook

OECD Economic Outlook flags stagflation as nations battle inflation, low growth

carbon border tax, CBAM

India to challenge EU’s carbon border tax at WTO

food inflation

Beyond price tags: India’s food inflation crisis explained

india economic development

From GDP to Growth: A new approach to economic development

data protection act 2023

Data Protection Act: Big Tech on government’s cross-hairs over compliance deadline

Big tech firms such as Google, Meta, and Microsoft face a stiff challenge as they prepare to...
The Women's Reservation Bill 2023

Women’s Reservation Bill: A landmark in addressing gender disparities

old pension scheme vs new

OPS vs NPS: Reviving the old pension scheme could spell fiscal doom

global warming and climate change

Climate change: Global South suffers from developed world’s inaction

The chasm between developed nations' promises on climate change and their tangible actions perpetuates a cycle of...
ESG and clean energy transition

ESG revolution: India can lead the world towards sustainability

G20 summit on climate change, sustainable development

G20 summit places climate change, sustainable development on centrestage

chronic diseases in kerala

Lifestyle stigma for chronic diseases a drag on Kerala’s healthcare outcomes

Kerala's health policies are evolving to tackle the rising tide of chronic diseases and it is important...
generative AI ChatGpt

Generative AI: ChatGpt is reshaping jobs, not killing them

international year of millets

Climate-resilient millets present sustainable solutions for food security

Common services centres and e-governance

Common Services Centres: Bridging digital divide for rural women

Common services centres and e-governance

Universal healthcare: Government schemes must ensure equal access to women