inflation after recession

The recession and aftermath: Five trends that will shape of the next cycle

Inflation is likely to be more persistent post-recession -- the economies are likely to face higher than...
Old pension scheme, new pension scheme, NPS, statutory pension

Old pension scheme promises hit PFRDA hurdle


India-Australia FTA will boost trade in services, minerals

interest rate hikes, inflation

Inflation cools, but RBI may continue with interest rate hikes

eurozone facing recession threat

UK, Europe may slip into recession, US may avoid the fate

massive NPA write-offs

NPA write-offs: Eight questions on Rs 10 lakh crore bad loans that beg for answers

Huge NPA write-offs seldom attract public attention while welfare schemes and subsidies targeted at the poorest citizens...
technical textiles industry

Technical textiles: Inflation takes a toll on tech-heavy industry

India's housing finance companies in crisis

India’s housing finance companies struggle to stay afloat

himalayan springs are drying up

Drying Himalayan springs need urgent attention

The government and local communities should channel their resources to revive Himalayan springs, non-glacial rivers and other...
green hydrogen market

Green hydrogen: Uncertainties mar efforts to ramp up capacity

loss and damage fund, climate change

What is the loss and damage fund? Why is it key to war on climate change


NSO data: Unemployment rate falls, but, women participation still lags behind

While the employment numbers are encouraging, the participation of women in the workforce remains dismal when compared...
campus sustainability and sdgs

Campus sustainability key to India’s commitment to sustainable development

POCSO, legal

10 years of POCSO Act: Has India failed to protect its children


Brain drain: India may be losing top talent as students flock to study abroad

unpaid women workers

SDG 5: Govt must offer social protection to unpaid women workers