energy imports

Energy imports: India must tap local resources to avert crisis

India must ramp up domestic production of energy as it stares at a situation where a fifth...
Fall in private investment troubles India

Focused policy key to higher private investment, faster growth

agritech startups to rile the world

Agritech startups key to farm productivity, market access

Indian economy facing global headwinds

Indian economy: RBI confident in the face of global crisis, but concerns remain

e-commerce exports

E-commerce exports: India can borrow from China, Japan playbooks

solar energy

Solar energy: Reforms needed as policy guidelines clash with installation targets

India has restricted developers of solar power projects from using imported modules, delaying utility scale projects for...
Online dispute resolution mechanism

Online dispute resolution platforms can ease case burden on courts

SVB, Silicon Valley Bank

SVB collapse: The lessons for banks, regulators

climate change

IPCC lists simple solutions to climate change crisis; demands action at individual level

The window of opportunity to tackle climate change and secure a liveable and sustainable future for all...
India's national green hydrogen mission

India’s green hydrogen drive must address technology needs, water scarcity

Marine plastic pollution is a major threat to the planet.

Marine plastic pollution snowballing into major crisis


Govt cites fiscal prudence for delay in OROP payout

The OROP scheme stipulates uniform pension to all armed forces personnel retiring at the same rank with...
Engineering education, engineering, IT

Sub-par engineering education chips away at India’s technology leadership


Covid-19: XBB 1.16 variant no big threat, but too early to lower guard

World Tuberculosis Day 2023

World Tuberculosis Day: Time to take stock of eradication efforts

press freedom, PIB

Anointing PIB as fact checker will undermine press freedom