India’s coal riddle: Surging imports despite huge reserves

Quality issues and an inability to ramp up domestic production force India to import coal despite exorbitant...
rupee depreciates against dollar

Falling rupee threatens to deplete forex reserves, trigger hyperinflation


West looks to counter China with BRI rival

food waste

Hunger games: Tackling the food waste menace

record GST collections in June

Explained: High inflation, import surge behind high GST mopup

RBI report

PSU bank privatisation: Will the government bite the bullet?

The Union government plans to introduce a bill in monsoon session of Parliament to facilitate stake dilution...
real estate

India’s real estate continues to bleed; dream house remains fantasy for many

fertilizer subsidy

India hit by soaring fertilizer prices, inefficient subsidies

global warming and methane emissions

Vicious circle: Global warming increases methane emissions, says study

Methane concentration in atmosphere is on the rise as global warming causes higher emissions, slows removal of...
char dham road project and himalayan ecology

Char Dham road project should limit damage to Himalayan ecology


Climate change: India faces credit downgrades for slow global warming steps

food waste

Hunger games: Tackling the food waste menace

Food waste consumes a third of global production at a time when the world is facing a...
microbiome research key to health management

World takes baby steps in microbiome research

unemployment rate and covid-19

NSO survey: Fall in unemployment rate linked to Covid-19 lockdowns

tobacco regulation and harm reduction

‘Harm reduction is the future of tobacco regulation’

affordable dental insurance plans

India must push for targeted dental insurance schemes