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US volte-face signals new era in digital trade regulation

The strategic retreat on digital trade proposals by the US may trigger a re-evaluation of global e-commerce policies and practices. #digitaltrade #US #WTO #ecommerce Read more »
WTO ministerial: India opposes environmental barriers on agenda

WTO ministerial: India opposes environmental barriers on Abu Dhabi agenda

As India prepares to challenge the EU's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, a showdown at WTO ministerial conference is likely over environmental trade barriers. #WTO #EU #CABM #tradebarrier Read more »
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FTAs at risk: Harmonised system revisions complicate rules of origin

Failure to synchronise rules of origin with HS revisions can amplify the scope for errors and fraudulent activities, distorting the objectives of #FTAs. #wco #wto #roo Read more »
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The glass ceiling: G20 must push for WTO reforms for inclusive trade

#G20 should lead efforts towards overarching #WTO reforms to empower developing countries, say #trade experts. Read more »
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India eyes WTO reforms to empower Global South

Need for WTO reforms: India proposes operational changes to promote multilateralism at WTO, and to protect the interests of developing nations. Read more »
IPEF and the global economy

Trade negotiations: How can India strike a strategic balance

Trade negotiations and policy formulation have witnessed a radical change since mid-1990s with the increase in non-tariff measures. Read more »
RCEP India vs China

RCEP: India’s losses are strategic and geopolitical, not economic

India lost opportunity to be part of the largest value chain by opting out of RCEP – comparable with the US losses from TPP exit. Read more »
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India must fortify foreign investment screening rules to escape WTO scrutiny

India needs a proper system for the screening of FDI proposals that is not targeted at selected countries. Read more »
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WTO using Covid-19 pandemic to push expansionist free trade agenda

WTO’s attempt to liberalise medical equipment trade to favour developed countries highlights the need to reform the organisation. Read more »