Women's Reservation Bill

Opportunity beckons India’s higher education sector

India’s higher education institutions are consistently improving their global rankings, but they still have a long way to go to be global leaders. Read more »
gender gap in education, literacy

Education for Sustainable Development: Is India ready to embrace it?

The onus is on the government, boards, and educational institutions to pivot the country’s human resource development on Education for Sustainable Development. Read more »
india's school education crisis

Budget 2021 has the intent, but lacks funds for quality education

There has been a 6.13% cut in the allocation for education sector to Rs 93,224 crore in Budget 2021, when everyone was hoping for an increase. Read more »
India's dismal human development levels

GST regime in the education sector needs further tweaking

The GST completed its third year on June 30, 2020 and has been largely successful in its policy objectives in education. Read more »
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Infrastructure status, priority lending to education hold key

As the education sector basks in the limelight of the National Education Policy, it will need an effective implementation mechanism with private participation. Read more »
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National Education Policy 2020: Will it truly champion liberalism?

Liberal education is the opening up of education to interdisciplinary understandings, to choices, and to critical inquiry. But will this government permit it? Read more »
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The New Education Policy: Twenty ideas that will shape India’s education system

NEP 2020: There is a need to ensure that every child is enrolled into school and every Indian is either engaged in learning or has the option to do so. Read more »
India's dismal human development levels

The five futures that the New Education Policy promises

The 1986 National Education Policy was testimony to the ambition of the Indian state, while the 2020 policy is an acknowledgment of its limitations. Read more »
Women's Reservation Bill

NEP 2020: Knowledge economy for the globalised world

The New Education Policy will boost the economy, help reap the demographic dividend and will become a catalyst to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. Read more »