Patchy monsoon rains spell trouble for Indian economy

Monsoon rainfall deficiency grips India's agricultural heartland, raising concerns about rural demand and economic growth prospects. #monsoon #agriculture #Indianews #Biparjoy Read more »

Monsoon delay could impact rural consumption, growth

Delay in the onset of southwest monsoon and the extension of hot weather could threaten agricultural production, food security. #monsoon #agriculture #food Read more »
Monsoon, agriculture

Deficient monsoon threatens to derail farm output, consumer demand

A fall in the output of paddy, maize, and pulses due to below normal monsoon may fuel inflation and cripple consumer demand during the festive season. Read more »
Climate change impact on Kerala

Climate change: Kerala must invest in mitigation plans

Kerala will continue to face extreme weather events triggered by climate change and needs to work on better forecasts and long-term mitigation plans. Read more »
Australian wild fire

World off target in global warming response, warns UN

Extreme weather events in 2019 resulted in rising hunger, displacement and loss of life around the world. Read more »