India Millets Mission

Success of India’s millets drive hinges on policy push

Low water requirement and climate resilience make millets a solution for both food security and environmental health. Read more »
More than 1000 millets based startups in India

From fields to plates: Millets startups transforming India’s food market

India's #millets startups tap into the sustainability and health potential of millets, diversifying their product offerings and expanding market reach. #superfood #yearofmillets #soulfulmasalaoats Read more »
international year of millets

Climate-resilient millets present sustainable solutions for food security

Climate-resilient #millets with remarkable nutritional benefits offer a sustainable path forward for India's agriculture and nutrition, amid evolving challenges and dietary preferences. #foodsecurity #sustainablefarming #climatechange #sdgs Read more »
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Millets can help resolve global food crisis through sustainable agriculture

Millets are five times more nutritious than rice and wheat in terms of proteins, minerals and vitamins. Read more »