health insurance decree by IRDAI

Health insurance: IRDAI decree seeks to remove age barrier

For decades, India’s senior citizens were denied health insurance coverage by insurers because of a discriminatory age cutoff. Read more »
health insurance sector in crisis

Greedy private hospitals bleed health insurance firms dry

There is a need for a regulator in the healthcare sector to stop private hospitals from profiteering at the cost of health insurance firms and hapless patients. Read more »
Importance of health insurance cover

Health Insurance: Covid-19 forces a change in mindset

Indian middle class has realised the importance health insurance after the high out-of-pocket expenditure for Covid-19 treatment pushed several families into financial ruin. Read more »
world economy faces covid-19 trouble

Covid-19 fiasco: Why it is unfair to blame private hospitals

The poor gets government care and the rich can afford private hospitals; the vulnerable section is the uninsured 36 crore white-collar employees or self-employed people. Read more »
India needs to boost healthcare Budget

Budget 2020: Some right steps on healthcare, but still a long way to go

India spends just 1% of the GDP on health, the challenge is to bring it closer to double digits. Read more »