COP26: World will overcome anxiety about future without fossil fuels

COP26 UN climate change conference
The world will struggle to reach 50% renewables, but will hit net zero faster than committed at COP26.

Crystal-gazing after COP26: The alignment in global thinking about discarding fossil fuels is cross and short circuited by fear of not knowing what to do with stranded assets and dangerous resources. Hopefully as we get to 50% renewables, we will breathe easy and get to 100% much faster than committed at COP26.

Electic Vehicles will emerge as our new reality. If we harness Quantum computing, we may see autonomous vehicles proliferate rapidly. I put 2040 as the date when we shall have 100% auto, electric vehicles.

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Future looks brighter post COP26

Stem cell driven food and wearable device-driven continuous nutrition and immunity correction will become a reality much faster. The role of methane was highlighted beautifully. So was the potential role of hydrogen as a green energy source. Food and energy abundance for a stable population will begin to emerge as reality by 2035.

We shall reach the singularity at the cusp of nano, bio and info technology in the 2030s as per Ray Kurzweil’s prediction. AI, ML, analytics, blockchain , NFTs and digital payments and currencies will accelerate rapidly as we embrace sustainability. The spiritual quotient will keep rising too as we see the value of collaboration. Geographic and cultural boundaries will fall apart as we raise collective consciousness.

Biodiversity will become a much more intensely discussed subject after COP26. We will finally have global standards of reporting and frameworks that will drive all to sustainability driven thinking. Six lenses will give us a wider look at our world than the one financial lens we use today.