ukraine conflict and indian exports

Explained: Ukraine conflict impact on India’s trade

Russia-Ukraine conflict will hit India’s tea, pharma exports to the region. Read more »
Repo rate

Indian economy: Growth slows down; Ukraine crisis triggers inflation fears

The Ukraine crisis will have serious repercussions for the Indian economy, which is still struggling with post-Covid recovery. Read more »
Ukraine war and global economy

Russia may pay a price for Putin’s Ukraine misadventure

The invasion of Ukraine poses numerous economic and geopolitical risks, especially for the Russian economy that may end up paying unintended costs. Read more »
Ukraine Russia conflict and Indian economy

Russian invasion of Ukraine: Implications for Indian economy

The Ukraine crisis will test the resilience of the Indian economy to withstand global events. Read more »
budget 2022 priorities

Budget 2022 misses the point on education, innovation

Budget 2022 focus on transportation and communication infrastructure is justified, but it failed to enhance school education infrastructure and to step up skilling efforts. Read more »
inflation and interest rates

Easing of public debt burden will cause economic disruption

High public debt is acceptable in situations like a pandemic, but the government should live within its means under normal circumstances. Read more »
India-UK FTA

India must align export promotion schemes with FTAs

It is crucial to involve state governments in export promotion and negotiations for free trade pacts to unlock India’s trade potential. Read more »
Budget 2022, farmers and UP elections

UP polls: Did Budget 2022 do enough to placate angry farmers

Hopes that the government would pump money into the farm sector were belied by the fiscal conservatism of Budget 2022. Read more »

Timely action on inflation needed to avert hard landing, says Maurice Obstfeld

The international financial system will face a crisis if the Fed and other central banks fall behind the curve on inflation and tighten abruptly, says former IMF chief economist. Read more »

RBI holds interest rates, braces to back govt borrowing

The Reserve Bank of India will try to limit interest rate hikes unless crude oil prices shoot through the roof. Read more »