food security through sustainable farming

Sustainable agriculture key to ensuring food security

The world needs to promote sustainable agriculture for ensuring long-term #foodsecurity and climate resilience, writes @ssmumbai. #SDGs #hungerindex #climatechange Read more »
Towards Paris Agreement goals

Paris Agreement: Raising accountability on voluntary action

Government policy and investment as well as voluntary action by businesses and other non-state actors are needed to achieve Paris Agreement goals. Read more »
RBI withdraws of Rs 2000 notes

RBI kicks off India’s journey towards a cashless future

The withdrawal of Rs 2,000 notes by the #RBI may be a precursor of India’s accelerated transition to a #digitaleconomy, writes @ssmumbai. #digitalindia #cbdc Read more »
energy security vs net zero

Net-zero transition: Balancing energy security, sustainability

The world needs to strike a fine balance between achieving energy security and reducing carbon emissions, writes Srinath Sridharan. #climatechange #netzero #globalwarming Read more »
Indian regulation of virtual digital assets

India cannot ignore virtual digital assets, must regulate them

The government and the #RBI seem to imagine the worst of any emerging technology or newer asset classes such as virtual digital assets. #vda #bitcoin #erupee #blockchain Read more »
Corporate governance in India

Corporate governance: India must embrace tech, global best practices

Status-quoism prevails despite the fact that markets, investors, and governments want a better system of corporate governance, writes Srinath Sridharan. #corporategovernance #companyboards #sebi #rbi #esg Read more »
Indian middle class

Spectre of inflation comes back to haunt Indian economy

While several central banks including the Federal Reserve have started acting on inflation, the RBI seems to be worried about the possible fallout on post-Covid economic recovery. Read more »
world economy faces covid-19 trouble

Universal health insurance a distant dream without healthcare reforms

A strong universal health insurance system is not possible without genuine healthcare reforms. Read more »
Indian MSMEs struggle

MSME 2.0: A policy prescription for inclusive economic growth

A boost to MSME sector can come from handholding, advisory services and persistent engagement with fintech partners to provide access to credit and lift quality with clear identification of the manufacturing sectors. Read more »
Climate change and pathogenic diseases

Covid-19 learnings: Citizens responsible for consequences of their choices

Once the Covid-19 pandemic is tackled, India needs to work towards an improvement in its healthcare infrastructure, disaster management systems, and education systems. Read more »