US-India trade

US-India trade potential largely untapped despite chip deal

US commerce secretary Gina Raimondo highlighted the potential of US-India trade beyond #semiconductors as both countries are...
g20, protectionism, multilateralism

India’s G20 presidency must address rising protectionism

capex, capital expenditure,

Capital expenditure: Govt must get states, private sector on board

inflation, economy

Sticky inflation may force RBI into another repo rate hike

Ukraine war and global economy

Global economy resilient in the face of Russia-Ukraine conflict

SVB, Silicon Valley Bank

SVB collapse: The lessons for banks, regulators

While Indian banks do not have major exposure to SVB, precautions must be taken against possible currency...

Funding freeze: Govt must create startups friendly environment

PSU preference in public procurement

Public procurement: Periodic review of preferential treatment can ensure cost effectiveness

India's national green hydrogen mission

India’s green hydrogen drive must address technology needs, water scarcity

India needs advanced technology, heavy capital investments, huge amounts of water, and a conducive regulatory regime to...
Marine plastic pollution is a major threat to the planet.

Marine plastic pollution snowballing into major crisis

human-elephant conflicts in kerala

Explained: Rising number of human-elephant conflicts in Kerala

press freedom, PIB

Anointing PIB as fact checker will undermine press freedom

The proposal to amend IT rules would mean the government exerting more influence on the content shared...
MGNREGA scheme

MGNREGA: States should follow Jharkhand’s BHGY lead

digital public goods

India leads in digital public goods, but needs to bridge digital divide

LGBTQ+ rights

Take data out of the closet for the well-being of LGBTQ+ people

migrant labour, internal migration

Internal migration: States must ensure safety to avoid economic, diversity losses