health insurance sector in crisis

Greedy private hospitals bleed health insurance firms dry

There is a need for a regulator in the healthcare sector to stop private hospitals from profiteering at the cost of health insurance firms and hapless patients. Read more »
US covid deaths

HR crisis: Medical education should be tailormade for reality

There is a mismatch between where the investment in medical education is going and where there is a shortage of medical professionals. Read more »

Covid-19 lessons: Public health system must offer free drugs, diagnostics

Political commitment to public health system which is key to delivering universal health coverage is missing at the moment. Read more »
public health budget 2023

Fighting heavy odds: Corporate influence over policy weighs on India’s public health system

The roadmap provided by the NITI Aayog favours privatisation of healthcare, but the Covid-19 pandemic highlights the need for a robust public health system. Read more »
World Diabetes Day 2021

Towards a robust public health system based on universal healthcare

India's public health system needs to progress to universal healthcare. Read more »