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Generative AI: ChatGpt is reshaping jobs, not killing them

In a world rapidly embracing #GenerativeAI, it is more or less clear that #ChatGPT is reinventing job categories, not replacing them. #bard #artificialintelligence #ai Read more »
unleashing the potential of Generative AI

Generative AI: The miracle that is shaping the global economy

Generative AI can increase productivity levels and create new opportunities by unleashing its economic potential and revolutionising industries. #generativeAI #ChatGPT #bard #artificialintelligence Read more »
AI mission

Revolutionising finance: How ChatGPT is changing the game

Can #ChatGPT become the ultimate guide that will reshape the investment landscape, Moinak Maiti examines. Read more »

Govt looks to piggyback ChatGPT, but must fix these issues first

The biggest shortcoming of #ChatGPT is that information provided by the #chatbot can be fictional at times but the system presents it confidently as fact. #India #farmers Read more »