triple helix model in war on covid-19

India’s war on Covid-19 a success story of triple helix model

The economic thinking of the Narendra Modi government blends well with the triple helix model’s entrepreneurial university structure. Read more »
india vehicle scrappage policy

Scrappage policy: A big business opportunity awaits India

For its scrappage policy, India needs to draw from global best practices as well as from studies conducted by environment ministry and ARAI. Read more »
crucial 700MHz band spectrum auction

700MHz band spectrum sale: India loses opportunity to unveil affordable internet

The government’s attempt to maximise revenues from the sale of the crucial 700MHz band spectrum auction by fixing a high base price scared away the bidders. Read more »
women bankers struggle despite gender inclusion policies

Indian banks remain male bastions despite gender inclusion policies by govt, RBI

Poor representation of women in top banking jobs despite efforts towards gender inclusion reveals the socio-cultural prejudices and the patriarchal mindset of selection committees dominated by men. Read more »
Indian MSMEs

Seven policy initiatives to revive Indian MSMEs, boost GDP growth

A recovery of the Indian economy is not possible without the revival of MSMEs that can create a large number of jobs and generate consumption demand. Read more »
e-commerce policy in india

India’s fledgling e-commerce industry needs a robust policy framework

A comprehensive e-Commerce policy will offer consistency, accountability, and clarity in government actions, helping stakeholders achieve objectives such as job creation, productivity improvement, and protection of consumer interests. Read more »
india's critical infrastructure

Chinese digital paw marks on India’s critical infrastructure

The Chinese penetration of the critical infrastructure is much beyond the power sector; the broadband infrastructure of India rests on Huawei appliances, administered by BSNL. Read more »
cybersecurity and responsible data use in india

Cybersecurity: Some critical issues in a digitising world

Cybersecurity is neither expensive, nor intimidating as it was, and small businesses are becoming increasingly vulnerable to attacks. Read more »
future of commuting in a world without cars

Future of commuting: Are we heading to a world without cars?

People will conduct most of their day-to-day activities including work in a virtual world, leading to a future of commuting without means of transportation such as cars, planes, and trains obsolete. Read more »
The Arbitration & Conciliation (Amendment) Bill, 2021

Changes to Arbitration law may open a can of worms

The Arbitration & Conciliation (Amendment) Bill, 2021 does not define the terms ‘fraud’ and ‘corruption’, allowing losing parties to obtain an automatic stay on enforcement of an arbitral award. Read more »