mandatory hallmarking of gold jewellery

Mandatory hallmarking key to ensuring consumer protection, but challenges remain

Mandatory hallmarking is tough to achieve as many centres suffer from low profitability, poor equipment, slack processes, and use low-quality equipment to cut costs. Read more »
new e-commerce rules will harm the sector

Proposed amendments will queer pitch for e-commerce industry

If the proposed amendments to e-commerce rules are implemented, they will overburden the sunrise sector and bring it to its knees. Read more »
use of steel industry co-products

Steel industry must focus on efficient use of co-products

Policy makers and the steel industry should focus on effective utilisation of co-products to ease pressure on land, water and environment. Read more »
Indian MSMEs struggle

MSME 2.0: A policy prescription for inclusive economic growth

A boost to MSME sector can come from handholding, advisory services and persistent engagement with fintech partners to provide access to credit and lift quality with clear identification of the manufacturing sectors. Read more »
domestic steel prices jacked up by a cartel

Cartel at work? Steel prices skyrocket amid economic crisis

Earlier this year, MSME minister Nitin Gadkari had flagged the issue of cartelisation, saying producers are jacking up cement and steel prices despite static input costs. Read more »
indian railways to get 4G spectrum

4G spectrum will help Indian Railways step up safety, security

Indian Railways will use 4G spectrum to implement ATP system to prevent accidents and upgrade its communication network, bringing a paradigm shift in its operations. Read more »
Atma Nirbhar Bharat Package offers nothing to informal sector workers

Atma Nirbhar Bharat Package offers little to informal sector

Atma Nirbhar Bharat Package provides some basic benefits to informal workforce, but offers no solution for reducing informality in labour market. Read more »
XBRL rollout can improve transparency, reporting

XBRL can enhance transparency, ease of doing business

XBRL rollout can help decision makers such as regulators, company boards see tabled information with greater clarity. Read more »
IBC rules: insolvency and bankruptcy regime

India must rework IBC rules to tide over Covid-19 crisis

Government, RBI must encourage out-of-court restructuring and one-time settlements under IBC insolvency regime rather than pushing the problem to future. Read more »
ESG reporting key to sustainability

Sustainable development: ESG debates must enter classrooms, mass media

Capital, human capital and social capital have to come together for impactful ESG outcomes. Read more »