Global semiconductor market: India makes a bold play for a toehold

India's late entry into the semiconductor game is fueled by ambition, strategic partnerships, and a focus on domestic talent. #semiconductor Read more »
India critical minerals mining

Critical minerals: India seeks independence amid global uncertainty

The government is looking to unlock domestic reserves of critical minerals, and forge strategic alliances in its quest for self-reliance. Read more »
Indian pharma industry, generic drugs industry

India’s generic drugs industry needs a trade tune-up

Balancing affordability and innovation in the face of data exclusivity clauses becomes crucial for India's generic drugs industry. #pharma #R&D #EFTA #trade Read more »
big tech, layoffs, AI

Layoffs cast shadow on Big Tech’s booming profits

Soaring profits and stock prices meet plummeting job security, raising questions about the human cost of the Big Tech's innovation policies. #big tech #layoffs #AI Read more »
India's space sector

India’s space sector: Chandrayaan-3 fuels startup investment boom

Following Chandrayaan-3's historic moon landing, India's space sector startups have witnessed a significant surge in investments, signalling a new era of growth and innovation in the sector. #spacesector #startups #Chandrayaan Read more »
Indian pharma industry, generic drugs industry

Indian Pharma: US approvals drive 30% profit surge, but safety concerns linger

Indian pharma industry poised for record profits as niche US approvals boom, but shadows of safety scandals cast doubt on long-term sustainability. #pharma Read more »
IBC instills discipline among corporates

Beyond insolvency: IBC is enforcing discipline, boosting recovery

From fostering entrepreneurship to streamlining processes, the IBC's impact extends far beyond resolving bad debt. Read more »
electric vehicles, EVs

India set to shake up global electric vehicles market

Diversifying beyond domestic needs, India seeks to be a pivotal hub in the international electric vehicles manufacturing network. #EVs #electricvehicles Read more »
mobile phone manufacturing

Make in India: Mobile phone manufacturing industry muscles up, eyes global leadership

India's mobile phone manufacturing sector is now exporting innovation, with ambitious plans to challenge China and reshape the global tech landscape. #mobile #exports #MakeinIndia #PLIscheme Read more »
skill gap, e-shram

Can e-Shram portal data bridge India’s skill gap?

With a database of millions of skilled and semi-skilled workers, e-Shram portal holds the key to bridging the skill gap, but concerns linger over data sharing and worker benefits. #skillgap #eshram Read more »