Explained: Will government’s free Covid vaccine booster drive do the trick?

The educated crowd is hesitant and is waiting for a better Covid vaccine which is more effective and targets the whole virus of evolving strains. Read more »
India-UK FTA

Can rupee on steroids challenge dollar-euro duopoly

RBI’s move to allow trade settlement in rupees comes in the wake of India’s shrinking forex reserves and roadblocks to its trade ties with important partners. Read more »

NPAs at 6-year low; but can banks withstand a global crisis?

One cannot ignore the fact that even at the lowest levels in six years, the NPA level of the Indian banking system is much higher than other large economies. Read more »

West looks to counter China with BRI rival

The G7 Summit last week flagged off Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment, a $600 billion plan to counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Read more »
RBI raises repo rate by 25 basis points

Weak rupee will have a cascading effect on the economy

The flight of capital to safe haven assets will see the rupee fall further, leading to a full-blown crisis for the Indian economy. Read more »

PSU bank privatisation: Will the government bite the bullet?

The Union government plans to introduce a bill in monsoon session of Parliament to facilitate stake dilution and privatisation of public sector banks (PSU Banks). Read more »
Metal prices

Crash in metal prices foretells big economic crisis

A slump in metal prices simply means that businesses closely related with the industry such as home appliances, automobiles and construction have taken a hit. Read more »
PMGkAY, wheat price

PMGKAY: India may withdraw its free food scheme

The BJP-led Union government may find it difficult to withdraw PMGKAY as a significant section of India’s population still suffers from hunger. Read more »
ESG reporting

Climate change: India faces credit downgrades for slow global warming steps

Inability to take effective steps to mitigate climate change will lead to higher borrowing costs, impacting the financial position of several emerging economies. Read more »
single-use plastic ban

Single-use plastics: India may struggle to implement ban

Several states tried to ban single-use plastics, but the results were far from encouraging because of industry pushback. Read more »