India's public health system failed during pandemic

Reimagining health: A people’s manifesto for Kerala

Kerala’s healthcare infrastructure may withstand pandemics like Covid-19, but the state lacks a transparent health financing policy based on a cost budget. Read more »
UPI123Pay to enable offline payments on feature phones

Empowerment of women: Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 5

The celebration of Women's Day and the ritualistic reverence of women notwithstanding, there is an urgent need for a critical appraisal of their status. Read more »
Vaccine hesitancy in rural india

Covid-19 vaccine: Compulsory licensing key to equal access

The unprecedented damage to human lives and the economy is justification enough for compulsory licensing of coronavirus vaccines. Read more »
Covid 19 vaccine drive

Covid-19 vaccine: India readies extensive rollout plan

The government’s plans for Covid-19 immunisation should not come at the expense of other life-saving vaccinations. Read more »
World Diabetes Day 2021

The beginning of the end of Covid-19 pandemic?

Equitable access to Covid vaccines to protect healthcare workers and other at-risk people is a crucial requirement for mitigating pain caused by the pandemic. Read more »
Road accidents and deaths worldwide

Speed kills: A time to remember road traffic accident victims

India tops in the number of reported road accident deaths, followed by China and the United States. Read more »
The World Tsunami Awareness Day

Global disaster risk reduction efforts need a renewed push

Multilateral partnerships for disaster risk reduction are being reduced to bilateral engagements riddled with narrow geopolitical interests. Read more »
biological and chemical weapons.

SDG agenda a pipe dream without sustainable peace, disarmament

Pressure on UN and governments is key to eliminating biological and chemical weapons. Linking SDGs to disarmament and an expanded Security Council can help. Read more »