Consumer protection meet Nairobi

Consumer protection: Cost of living, digital rights in focus at global meet

Consumer protection took centre stage as leaders gather in Nairobi to tackle global challenges and build a future that empowers consumers, writes George Cheriyan. Read more »
Support for road traffic victims

Road traffic victims deserve swift and fair compensation

The needs of road traffic victims extend beyond financial compensation, and include physical and mental healthcare as well as legal support. #roadaccidents #WDoR Read more »
road safety, road accidents, rajasthan

Rajasthan’s road safety crisis: A wake-up call to save lives on highways

Rajasthan's road accident crisis demands a comprehensive approach, with a focus on stricter enforcement, better road infrastructure, sustainable mobility, and road safety. Read more »
Kerala's AI camera project has been launched

Road safety: Kerala’s AI camera project shows promising results

Kerala's AI camera project launched to improve #roadsafety and reduce #trafficaccident deaths has led to a significant fall in fatalities, writes @George Cheriyan. #aicameraproject #keralagovernment Read more »
The World No Tobacco Day 2023

World No Tobacco Day: Shifting focus to sustainable food crops

The World No Tobacco Day 2023 highlights the need to shift from tobacco cultivation while advocating alternative livelihoods for farmers. Read more »
sustainable transport for greener future

Sustainable transport: Rethinking mobility for a greener future

India must focus on redesigning roads and prioritising non-motorised vehicles for sustainable transport, safer and healthier living. #climatechange #netzero #globalroadsafetyweek Read more »
Increase in human-wildlife conflicts

Earth Day 2023: India needs to invest more to avoid human-wildlife conflicts

Habitat loss and conservation successes along with an increase in human population have resulted in an increase in the number of human-wildlife conflicts. Read more »
NCDs on world health day

NCDs present the biggest challenge to ‘health for all’

Non-communicable diseases, or NCDs, account for 64.9% in all deaths in India and 74% of deaths globally. Read more »
Front of pack nutrition labelling in India

Front of pack nutrition labelling: Star ratings may not be the right format

Manufacturers of traditional food items must shed concerns about the implementation of front of pack nutrition labelling. Read more »
FSSAI selects health star rating as FoPL model

FSSAI sides with industry, puts consumers at risk

Food safety regulator FSSAI selected health star rating as the FOPL format for the country, ignoring opposition from consumer organisations. Read more »