World Lung Day 2023, lung health

From Delhi’s haze to global crisis: Why lung health matters more than ever

There is a need to focus on lung health as tuberculosis, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease have become leading causes of mortality globally. #lunghealth #society Read more »
India's lung health crisis

India’s lung health crisis: Causes, consequences, and solutions

India is grappling with a lung health crisis and there is an urgent need to reduce air pollution and tobacco use, writes Dr GC Khilnani. #copd #tb #covid19 #asthma Read more »
world lung health day

India must tackle its silent lung health emergency

A nation grappling with #airpollution, #tobaccoaddiction, and chronic respiratory diseases, India must safeguard the lung health of its citizens. #COPD #COVID19 #TB Read more »