covid-19 second wave

Budget 2021: Need steps to boost India’s ignored public health system

A Budget 2021 wish list from the healthcare and pharma sectors include incentives for research and development and tax concessions to help businesses hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more »
odisha millets mission

Odisha Millets Mission extends lessons for other states, nations

The Odisha Millets Mission can be extended to all millets and lessons from the programme can be used in other nutritional interventions for better results. Read more »
covid-19 second wave in india

Covid-19 economic packages must address women’s distress

The recovery packages must take into account the impact of Covid-19 and the economic crisis triggered by it on women empowerment. Read more »
online education in India to take off

Online education: Govt must enforce standardisation, regulation of EdTech firms

There is an urgent need for a nodal body for online education to ensure uniformity of curriculum and equal access. Read more »
mental health problem in india

A ticking time bomb: Tackling India’s mental health crisis

India has a huge mental health challenge at hand -- it has 0.3 psychiatrists, 0.12 nurses, 0.07 psychologists and 0.07 social workers for 100,000 people. Read more »
Budget 2021 first digital budget

Not 100 smart cities: India will need half a million smart towns

There is no reason why the residents of 100 smart cities should receive facilities as they are being extended to just about 30% of the country’s population. Read more »
Covid 19 vaccine drive

Covid-19 vaccine: Fast action, caution can save lives

A successful plan to counter Covid-19 is just adopting the level of caution of the initial months. Read more »
Access to Covid-19 vaccine

Covid-19 vaccine: Compulsory licensing key to equal access

The unprecedented damage to human lives and the economy is justification enough for compulsory licensing of coronavirus vaccines. Read more »
Covid 19 vaccine drive

Covid-19 vaccine: India readies extensive rollout plan

The government’s plans for Covid-19 immunisation should not come at the expense of other life-saving vaccinations. Read more »
biological and chemical weapons.

Does novel coronavirus pose a bioterrorism threat?

Easy availability, ease of production and dissemination, and high mortality rates make Covid-19 a potent bioterrorism weapon in the hands of rogue nations. Read more »