Indian middle class

Indian middle class facing a cost-of-living crisis

The Indian middle class is the primary force behind the India story. The government must consider tax breaks or other financial incentives for middle class families. Read more »
india retail, reliance retail, RIL, inflation

Front of the package labelling key to tackling lifestyle diseases

India must implement front of the food package labelling with colours and pictures that can be easily understood by consumers. Read more »
renewable energy, solar energy,

India set to be a leader in renewable energy, but may still miss own targets

India has a long way to go before it achieves its renewable energy targets and makes a dent in climate change mitigation. Read more »
public health, Indian healthcare

Public health: India must step up funding, leverage technology to improve access

As the private medical system is unaffordable to a majority of citizens, the PHC-UHC approach can be adopted to improve access to the public health system. Read more »
Indian education system, ugc

Indian education: Low employability of students, lack of quality jobs feed each other

While the number of graduates churned out by Indian education system is impressive, their employability remains a problem. Read more »
India's low democracy rankings

Democracy rankings will take a toll on India’s global standing and its economy

India's low democracy rankings are not because of Western biases, but because of the opinion of India's own intellectual class which rate India poorly. Read more »
tobacco harm reduction products

Harm reduction can boost govt’s tobacco control efforts

As its tobacco control efforts have failed to help smokers quit, the best option for the government is assistance with cessation using harm reduction products. Read more »
Fertiliser, one nation one fertilizer policy. gm crops

GM crops: India must embrace future, but after allaying fears

GM crops are often seedless which could make the already-indebted farmers dependent on profiteering corporates. Read more »
Budget 2023, subsidies

ESIC to park surplus funds in stock market via ETFs

The ESIC will invest 5% of its surplus funds in stocks in the beginning and will increase to 15%, based on the review of the investment after two quarters. Read more »
edtech in higher education

Higher education: EdTech sector key to bridging demand gap

India will not be able to deliver quality higher education to the large number of people who need it without leveraging technology, says Pramath Raj Sinha. Read more »