A common household database key to the success of welfare schemes

Child nutrition: Covid-19 poses a huge public policy challenge

Union and states governments have lined up a slew of measures to tackle the unprecedented crisis for child nutrition and service delivery disruptions caused by Covid-19. Read more »
Farm subsidies affect the poorest people in poor countries.

Farm subsidies inefficient, harm health, environment, says UN report

A joint FAO-UNDP-UNEP report urges governments to rethink farm subsidies that are price distorting or harmful to nature and health. Read more »
Importance of health insurance cover

Health Insurance: Covid-19 forces a change in mindset

Indian middle class has realised the importance health insurance after the high out-of-pocket expenditure for Covid-19 treatment pushed several families into financial ruin. Read more »
mismatch in medical education

HR crisis: Medical education should be tailormade for reality

There is a mismatch between where the investment in medical education is going and where there is a shortage of medical professionals. Read more »
dementia patients need legal support

Laws must champion dignity, rights and freedoms of dementia patients

A legislative environment based on internationally accepted human rights standards is required to ensure the highest quality of care for people with dementia. Read more »
India's public health system failed during pandemic

Covid-19 lessons: Public health system must offer free drugs, diagnostics

Political commitment to public health system which is key to delivering universal health coverage is missing at the moment. Read more »
smart organisations in post-Covid world of work

Post-Covid world of work: How smart organisations future-proof themselves

Post-Covid world of work: When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, only 54% of the organisations across the world were ready to work from home. Read more »
Kerala's covid-19 response a success

Kerala’s Covid-19 response will prove critics wrong

The success of Kerala's Covid-19 response should be gauged by what happens to people when they get infected, and not by how many are getting the infection. Read more »
Need to regulate private hospitals

Regulated private hospitals, quality public sector can cut out-of-pocket healthcare spending

Years of neglect of public health system, profiteering by private hospitals saw an increase in out-of-pocket healthcare spending that may destroy the fledgling Indian middle class. Read more »
Covid-19 highlighted the need for a public health system

Fighting heavy odds: Corporate influence over policy weighs on India’s public health system

The roadmap provided by the NITI Aayog favours privatisation of healthcare, but the Covid-19 pandemic highlights the need for a robust public health system. Read more »