India women's empowerment

Empowerment of women: Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 5

The celebration of Women's Day and the ritualistic reverence of women notwithstanding, there is an urgent need for a critical appraisal of their status. Read more »
Women's empowerment in India

Women’s empowerment key to India’s transformation

Gender equality is not an end in itself -- women's empowerment to participate in economic activities is essential to achieving the sustainable development goals and to improve the quality of human life. Read more »
indirect tax collections grew while gst mopup shrank

Breaking the glass ceiling: Personal account of an Indian civil servant

The toughest task for a career woman is to survive the challenges of early years, as breaking the glass ceiling would be much easier in later stages, writes Dr Aruna Sharma. Read more »
Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman at a post Budget 2021 interaction with IIA students

Govt will not crowd out private sector; Budget 2021 selloff target realistic, assures FM

We discourage the demand for AIIMS-like hospitals everywhere, instead Budget 2021 focuses on more primary healthcare centres as the first points of call: Finance minister. Read more »
Aligning Education for Sustainable Development with NEP 2020, SDG 4

Education for Sustainable Development: Is India ready to embrace it?

The onus is on the government, boards, and educational institutions to pivot the country’s human resource development on Education for Sustainable Development. Read more »
future of commuting in a world without cars

Future of commuting: Are we heading to a world without cars?

People will conduct most of their day-to-day activities including work in a virtual world, leading to a future of commuting without means of transportation such as cars, planes, and trains obsolete. Read more »
India's four labour codes

Labour reforms: What do the four labour codes mean to businesses, workers

The four labour codes expanded the ambit of some laws, removed some obsolete provisions, and made compliance easier, tilting the scale in favour of employers with some anti-worker provisions. Read more »
safe drinking water supply

Jal Jeevan Mission: Centre to roll out drinking water survey in 10 cities

It is estimated that less than half of Indian population has access to safe drinking water and two-thirds of the country's 718 districts are experiencing extreme water depletion. Read more »
Covid-19 vaccines and Indian diplomacy

Truth serum: Govt must speed up Covid-19 vaccination drive

India’s Covid-19 vaccination drive is not going great guns as we are made to think, and there are reasons why the political leadership should worry. Read more »
Chinese economy faces hurdles

Lonely at the top: Five hurdles to the rise of Chinese economy

The Chinese economy has made major strides in industrial and technological spheres, but its ascent to the top of the economic ladder is fraught with several economic and social challenges. Read more »