India ageing crisis

Ageing in times of Covid-19 pandemic

It is imperative that the state and civil society play a more constructive and interventionist role in ensuring the social security of older persons. Read more »
Oxford Covid vaccine trial restarts

Race to Covid-19 remedy: Will the Oxford vaccine fail?

The restart of trials brings a sigh of relief for those awaiting a successful vaccine against Covid-19 and for the volunteers who are part of the experiment. Read more »
The New Education Policy 2020

The New Education Policy: Twenty ideas that will shape India’s education system

NEP 2020: There is a need to ensure that every child is enrolled into school and every Indian is either engaged in learning or has the option to do so. Read more »

Covid-19: Most countries report disruption in health services

A majority of the 105 countries surveyed had to suspend many routine and elective services, while critical care was interrupted in low-income countries. Read more »
New coronavirus could

Developing countries stare at the prospect of lost decade

A large section of the population in in LIDCs live near subsistence levels. The governments' ability to support them is curtailed by limited fiscal resources. Read more »
new education policy

The five futures that the New Education Policy promises

The 1986 National Education Policy was testimony to the ambition of the Indian state, while the 2020 policy is an acknowledgment of its limitations. Read more »
Exodus of migrant labour

Covid-induced reverse migration can be a boon for home states

Several state governments are totally clueless about the number and whereabouts of their own people who have migrated to other states in search of livelyhood. Read more »

NEP 2020: Knowledge economy for the globalised world

The New Education Policy will boost the economy, help reap the demographic dividend and will become a catalyst to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. Read more »
tamil nadu social protection

Social protection in Tamil Nadu: Covid-19 highlights need for universal coverage

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to strengthen the life-cycle approach of the relatively well-developed social protection system in Tamil Nadu. Read more »
covid pregnancy

Covid-19: Pregnancy and childbirth in the times of coronavirus pandemic

Current evidence suggests that pregnant women are at no greater risk of becoming seriously ill than other healthy adults if they develop coronavirus infection. Read more »