work from home

Work from home to work from anywhere: How Covid-19 revolutionised workplace

Most organisations will continue to offer work from home facility. In a hybrid model, work from anywhere would be a regular feature. Read more »
UPI123Pay to enable offline payments on feature phones

Financial inclusion: UPI123Pay makes digital payments without internet possible

The RBI and NPCI launched UPI123Pay in March to enable offline payments on feature phones without internet access. Read more »
India's labour codes and labour reforms

Missing facts: Labour reforms debate in the context of India’s 4 labour codes

The discussions on labour reforms in India veer around the subject of labour market flexibility in relation with the Industrial Dispute Act 1947 and the four labour codes that await implementation. Read more »
International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness: Why happiness and wellbeing count more than income

International Day of Happiness is an occasion to re-examine the development metrics that measure just income or output. Read more »
healthcare spending and sustainable budgeting.

Healthcare spending: Govt focus on sustainable budgeting after Covid-19 shock

The Union and state governments have redesigned their healthcare spending to ensure improved delivery of services and sustainable budgeting. Read more »
indian economy faces ukraine war risk

Ukraine war: Attacks on health infrastructure must stop

The Ukraine war has put the country’s healthcare infrastructure under significant strain, and its collapse would be catastrophic. Read more »
grievances of gig workers in india

Social security for gig workers of Uber, Ola still a distant dream

Stringent laws, strict enforcement, and proper disclosures by Ola and Uber can ensure social security to the aggrieved gig workers of the ride-hailing apps. Read more »
Covid-19 deaths in india

Lancet study reveals massive under-reporting of Covid-19 deaths

A Lancet study puts the number of Covid-19 deaths in India at a massive 4.1 million, eight times the official figure. Read more »
Women in UP's farmer producer organisations

The invisible women in India’s farmer producer organisations

Without women's participation, farmer producer organisations often struggle to achieve the desired socioeconomic impact. Read more »
UPI123Pay to enable offline payments on feature phones

Gender equality key to sustainable future of societies

International Women's Day is the time to remind ourselves that there is a lot of ground to cover before achieving gender equality in all spheres of life. Read more »