World Health Assembly opens

World Health Assembly: Focus on food safety, oral health, tuberculosis, innovations

The theme of World Health Assembly, Health for Peace, Peace for Health is timely and appropriate for a world ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine conflict. Read more »
Ayurveda Aahara classification conerns

Ayurveda Aahara: New food category raises safety concerns

Ayurveda Aahara classification presents a major challenge to food sovereignty by ignoring the quality and safety of food. Read more »
shecession or mancession

Mancession to shecession: Why did pandemic recession hit women harder

The pandemic recession broke a pattern observed in similar crises – the impact on women was disproportionately higher than that on men, earning it the moniker, shecession. Read more »
FSSAI selects health star rating as FoPL model

FSSAI sides with industry, puts consumers at risk

Food safety regulator FSSAI selected health star rating as the FOPL format for the country, ignoring opposition from consumer organisations. Read more »
labour day 2022 musings

Labour Day 2022: Workers’ participation in management remains a distant dream

On Labour Day 2022, it would be interesting to revisit the role of workers’ participation in management amid the fragmentation, segmentation and dislocation of the workforce. Read more »
covid-19 risk from air pollution

Air pollution raises Covid-19 risk among young adults: Study

The findings by scientists at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm that link infection risk of Covid-19 and exposure to common pollutants should worry policymakers in India. Read more »
CSR spending amid Covid-19 pandemic

Covid-19 crisis: CSR must supplement govt’s grassroots transformation efforts

For improved results, the CSR policy should seek better reporting of corporate spending, backed by a rewards and recognition programme. Read more »
World faces Hobson's choice on false narratives.

Hobson’s choice: War on false narratives cuts both ways

A centralised system for screening and monitoring false narratives can also infringe on personal liberty and privacy. Read more »
higher education institutions and NAAC

Higher education: How to benefit from NAAC data, analysis

The assessment of higher education institutions must look beyond data generation and documentation to ensure the wellbeing of students and teachers. Read more »
rising c-section numbers in india

Rising C-section numbers: India must regulate this alarming trend

The C-section numbers in India have risen alarmingly to touch a new high rate of 26%, which is way above the 10-15% range recommended by WHO for better maternal and neonatal outcomes. Read more »