India abortion laws

Abortion laws take a progressive turn, but challenges remain

The stigma associated with sexual relations and pregnancy before marriage may negate India’s advantage of having progressive abortion laws. Read more »
Durga Puja artisans

Invisible workers: Durga Puja artisans face socio-economic deprivation

UNESCO tag reconfirms the rich cultural heritage of the festival, but Durga Puja artisans who create the grand spectacle face dismal economic, employment conditions. Read more »
India's dismal human development levels

Dismal state of human development: India must learn from the pandemic lessons

India’s efforts to scale up investment in nurturing human capital and capabilities are far from satisfactory. Read more »
Human development index

India slips on Human Development Index as Covid-19, Ukraine crisis weigh

India slipped to 132nd position in 2022 on the Human Development Index (HDI) from 130th with the country falling behind the global average on all four indices. Read more »
transformation of higher education institutions

Interdisciplinary push: Liberating higher education from excessive specialisation

There is a need for complex interdisciplinary solutions, but the transformation of higher education will need to address issues of finance, endowment, and infrastructure. Read more »
School education in india

New study reveals sorry state of affairs in school education

The Foundational Learning Study 2022 has found that 37% students in third standard have limited foundational numeracy skills, while 11% lack the most basic knowledge and skills. Read more »
crimes against women

Crimes against women: What causes the rise in gender-based violence

Crimes against women are rooted in the cultural and institutional social structures such as discriminatory rules, customs, traditions, laws and misogynistic language. Read more »
UGC, Higher education, foreign university

UGC woos foreign universities with autonomy promise; chokes the best at home

The UGC will invite applications from foreign universities seeking to set up campuses in India once the proposed guidelines are approved by the government. Read more »
policy circle image

Rise in dog bite cases: Kerala must act in humane way

There were 95,352 dog bite cases in Kerala in the first half of the year which highlights the high human exposure to unvaccinated pet and stray dogs. Read more »
tomato flu outbreak in india

Tomato flu: All you need to know about the infection

Around 82 cases of tomato flu or tomato fever have been reported in India since May 2022. Read more »