Covid-19 and public health system

Covid-19 highlighted need for strong public health system, exposed private sector

India needs to shed the profit logic that has dominated the sector in the pre Covid-19 period and reconstruct public health system. Read more »
Mental health of students amid Covid-19

Decoding depression: Educators must focus on mental health of students amid Covid-19

Positive mental health of students can only be achieved through caring and accepting children as they are. Read more »
lessons from Covid-19 towards neutralising third wave

Flawless planning, execution key to success of Covid-19 response

Learn from mistakes, adopt best practices, and start building public health infrastructure to tame Covid-19 third wave as well as future outbreaks. Read more »
Covid-19 third wave

Covid-19 third wave: Govt must focus on pre-emptive measures

Dr Aruna Sharma’s inaugural address in the first episode of Delhi Dialogues emphasised the need for deliberations and wider consultations in tackling the third wave of Covid-19. Read more »
High suicide rates in developed states

Why suicide rates are higher in India’s developed states

Consumerism and influence of social media in richer states result in high aspirations and low social interaction, affecting people emotionally and mentally, leading to high suicide rates. Read more »
retirement planning by indians

Retirement planning: Indians, Americans stare at uncertain future

A large number of people in both India and the US don’t pay much attention to retirement planning which leads to compromising on their comfort in the last stage of life. Read more »
India needs a robust public health system

Towards a robust public health system based on universal healthcare

India's public health system needs to progress to universal healthcare. Read more »
kerala model success

Covid-19 learnings: Citizens responsible for consequences of their choices

Once the Covid-19 pandemic is tackled, India needs to work towards an improvement in its healthcare infrastructure, disaster management systems, and education systems. Read more »
Why front-of-package labelling should be warning labels

Front-of-package labelling: Why India should opt for warning labels

Among a variety of front-of-package labelling options, negative warning labels are more helpful in identifying unhealthy products and discouraging junk food choices. Read more »
india's higher education sector needs heavy investment

Opportunity beckons India’s higher education sector

India’s higher education institutions are consistently improving their global rankings, but they still have a long way to go to be global leaders. Read more »