multidimensional poverty report by niti aayog

Multidimensional Poverty: Niti Aayog report points to need for course correction

The political leadership must take National Multidimensional Poverty Index seriously and focus on deprivation in parameters such as health, education and living standards. Read more »
ban on non-vegetarian food vending

Gujarat ban on non-vegetarian food vending illogical, harmful

The ban on non-vegetarian food vending in major municipalities of Gujarat lacks any plausible reason and endangers livelihood of street vendors. Read more »
World not investing enough in handwashing.

Time to come clean on handwashing investment

COVID-19 has shone a spotlight on handwashing and ways of getting clean water and soap to billions of people who need them. Read more »
World Diabetes Day 2021

World Diabetes Day: Cure for the silent killer is outside hospitals

World Diabetes Day: Effective diabetes prevention and care require a comprehensive approach to understanding, charting, and acting on public health issues. Read more »
Adolescents victims of climate change, covid-19

Adolescents not well served by responses to Covid, climate change

Tackling climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic are necessary to regain the trust of adolescents. Read more »
Universal health insurance is a far cry.

Universal health insurance a distant dream without healthcare reforms

A strong universal health insurance system is not possible without genuine healthcare reforms. Read more »
Protecting the resource rights of Adivasis

Resource rights of Adivasis: A cross-country perspective

Right to life is meaningless without the right to livelihood, and the right to livelihood is crucially dependent on resource rights. Read more »
The International Day of Older Persons 2021

International Day of Older Persons: Ageism and barriers to healthy ageing

The theme of International Day of Older Persons 2021 is Digital Equity for All Ages: A Global campaign to combat Ageism in the digital age. Read more »
Highlights of the UN Food Systems Summit

UN Food Systems Summit: Anarchy no alternative to multilateralism

The counter mobilisations at the UN Food Systems Summit were an attack on multilateralism, the best available option to raise critical global issues. Read more »
health insurance sector in crisis

Greedy private hospitals bleed health insurance firms dry

There is a need for a regulator in the healthcare sector to stop private hospitals from profiteering at the cost of health insurance firms and hapless patients. Read more »