Covid-19 loosens its grip, but is the worst over?

Covid-19 scare: As people lose fear of coronavirus even amid rising cases, is it safe to surmise that we are behind the worst of pandemic? Read more »
e-cooking is clean cooking

Cheap electricity central to India’s clean cooking transition

India’s dependence on expensive imported LPG/PNG has hampered its transition to clean cooking methods. Read more »
National Rural Livelihood Mission

Rural livelihood mission must focus on non-farm jobs

Non-farm focus could help National Rural Livelihood Mission create more employment opportunities for rural poor. Read more »
The world facing monkeypox threat

The monkeypox threat: Here’s all you need to know about the deadly virus

As the fear of monkeypox grips the nation, here’s a guide to the disease -- symptoms, transmission, prevention, and policy measures to curb its spread. Read more »

Monkeypox threat: Concerns rise as WHO sounds alarm

While monkeypox isn’t a deadly disease like Covid-19, it has been flagged as a global health emergency because there is no cure available for it. Read more »
policy circle image

Millets can help resolve global food crisis through sustainable agriculture

Millets are five times more nutritious than rice and wheat in terms of proteins, minerals and vitamins. Read more »

Explained: Will government’s free Covid vaccine booster drive do the trick?

The educated crowd is hesitant and is waiting for a better Covid vaccine which is more effective and targets the whole virus of evolving strains. Read more »
skilling of youth key to prosperity

Time for govts, businesses to revive skilling efforts

The Covid-19 crisis saw businesses ignoring skilling of youth because of the strict lockdown measures announced by governments to curb the spread of the pandemic. Read more »
consumer protection mechanisms being destroyed systematically

Consumer protection: India’s redressal mechanisms being destroyed by apathy

The government’s consumer protection efforts should strike a balance the between the health of the economy and the wellbeing of consumers. Read more »
climate-induced migration in india

An inclusive approach towards climate-induced migration

With a rise in extreme events world over, it is essential to develop a conceptual framework to address climate-induced migration. Read more »