online gaming regulation in india

Online gaming industry seeks inspiration from global practices

In a quest for clarity and growth, India's online gaming industry wants the government to introduce global best practices in its regulatory regime. #onlinegaming #gamingregulation #gst Read more »
welfare schemes vs freebies

Govts must balance spending on welfare schemes, freebies with fiscal prudence

Balancing the demand for welfare schemes and freebies with the need for prudent fiscal management calls for a recalibration of resources and priorities by political parties, write Abhishek Seth and Swayamshree Barik. Read more »
cartels, leniency plus

Cartels to face heat from Leniency Plus rules

In its battle against cartels, India unveils a formidable weapon: the Leniency Plus regime that incentivises cooperation for a fairer market. #cartels #leniencyplus #business #antitrustlaws #cci Read more »
infrastructure financing through KIIFB

KIIFB: Kerala model for sustainable infrastructure finance

Kerala's innovative #infrastructurefinance through #KIIFB offers an option for other state governments struggling to fund projects, writes TM Thomas Isaac. #keralamodel #foreignremittances #gdpgrowth Read more »
Vision 2047, maritime

Vision 2047: India sets sail towards maritime excellence

India's Vision 2047 seeks to transform the nation into a maritime powerhouse, backed by an estimated investment of Rs 80 trillion over the next 25 years. #Maritime #AmritKaal #Vision2047 Read more »
crypto regulation

Crypto industry cheers IMF-FSB blueprint for regulatory clarity

The IMF-FSB roadmap for #crypto industry regulation promises to bring stability and security to the volatile #digitalassets market. #cryptocurrency #erupee #cbdc Read more »

CBDC future: e-Rupee takes the lead in India’s cashless journey

RBI’s CBDC e-rupee marks a significant step towards a cashless economy in India, offering citizens the opportunity to transact digitally. #erupee #bitcoin #cryptos #cbdc Read more »

Critical minerals: Cabinet clears the deck for mine auctions

The global race for critical minerals is intensifying, and India is eager to stake its claim in this growing market. #lithium Read more »

DESH Bill: India looks to match China’s SEZ success

DESH Bill seeks to revive India's SEZs, aligning them with global standards for economic growth and attracting foreign investment. #DESHBill #SEZs Read more »
GST Council to discuss tax rate on online gaming industry

Online gaming industry deserves a progressive tax regime

A forward-looking tax regime and responsible gaming practices can empower India's online gaming industry to reach new heights while ensuring a fair and positive impact on society. #gstcouncil #onlinegaming #sintax Read more »