A case for developing international digital standards

International digital standards: The key to a thriving digital economy

The T20 India policy brief presents a compelling case for developing international digital standards to enhance the inclusive growth of the global #digitalservices sector. #wto #g20 #digitalgovernance Read more »
GST on online gaming

Online gaming: The GST Council move may play spoilsport

India's online gaming industry finds itself in the crosshairs after the #GSTCouncil's decision to impose the highest #GSTslab. #onlinegaming #onlinegambling Read more »
massive NPA write offs

NPA write offs will hurt economy, RBI needs to be transparent

Banks have written off Rs 2.09 lakh crore in bad loans in 2022-23; bankers say NPA write offs, compromise settlements no solution. #NPA #badloans #RBI #banking Read more »
generative AI ChatGpt

Artificial intelligence: TRAI urges collaborative efforts for responsible regulation

Telecom regulator TRAI recommends the formation of a statutory authority, and calls for international collaboration to ensure responsible use of artificial intelligence. #AI #artificialintelligence #TRAI Read more »
Ayushman Bharat scheme

Ayushman Bharat: Government must plug loopholes

The Ayushman Bharat scheme, aimed at reducing out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, is facing challenges due to fraudulent practices by some practitioners. #ayushmanbharat Read more »
Indian NBFCs

Expenditure quality at state level key to sustainable growth

The states must focus on improving expenditure quality in infrastructure, research and development, healthcare, and education to drive #economicgrowth, says an #RBI report. #gdpgrowth #publicspending Read more »
Indian NBFCs

Regulating NBFCs: Balancing responsibility and accountability

#NBFCs are catalysts of financial transformation, and their regulation holds the key to economic growth with stability. #RBI #sebi #finmin Read more »
tax havens, FPI

SEBI struggles to regulate FPIs as tax havens pose a challenge

Tax havens help companies avoid paying taxes, giving them an unfair advantage over competition and depriving governments of much-needed revenue. #Taxhavens #FPI Read more »
NPA, Indian banking, PSBs

NPA crisis: Govt, RBI at odds on loan defaults

India's NPA crisis is far from over, with the government and RBI struggling to find a solution for the bad loans problem and to protect depositors. #wilfuldefaulters #IndiaNews #banking #NPA #PSB Read more »
NBFCs, India's shadow banks

Shadow Banks: Navigating the complex landscape of NBFCs

Effective regulation of shadow banks is imperative to promote stability while harnessing the potential of India's non-bank financial sector, says Shyamala Gopinath. #nbfcs #rbi #npas Read more »