AYUSH, Ayurveda

Govt needs to bridge the gap between AYUSH promotion and progress

Underutilisation and implementation challenges cast a shadow on India's dream of mainstreaming traditional medicine with AYUSH thrust. #AYUSH #Ayurveda #healthcare Read more »
Big Tech regulation

Big tech regulation: Lessons for India from Korean fiasco

South Korea's stalled attempt for Big Tech regulation highlights the global struggle to rein in tech giants while fostering healthy digital ecosystems. #BigTech #SouthKorea #India Read more »
SEZ programme

India must rethink SEZ programme, embrace inclusive growth

Comprehensive reforms are needed as India confronts shortcomings of its SEZ programme in terms of land, jobs, and environment. #SEZ #landreforms Read more »
real estate, insolvency and bankruptcy

IBBI seeks to fix India’s real estate insolvency woes

While the new real estate insolvency norms offer hope, there is a need to find solutions for troubled unfinished projects. Read more »
climate change and union budget

Upcoming Budget must focus on climate change resilience

The interim budget prioritises mitigation, but India cannot neglect adaptation in the face of rising climate change risks. Read more »
Big tech, Digital Competition Bill

Can the Digital Competition Bill tackle Big Tech’s market dominance

Digital Competition Bill: Pre-emptive regulations and data sharing clauses may help India strike a balance between fostering innovation and curbing Big Tech monopoly in digital marketplace. #Bigtech #DigitalCompetitionBill Read more »
Smart Cities Mission

Smart Cities Mission: Ambitious goals, delays and challenges

The Smart Cities Mission must address the gap between technological glitz and the needs of the marginalised. #SmartCitiesMission #governance #urbanplanning Read more »
Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Amendment Bill passed in Parliament

Explained: The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Amendment Bill, 2024

The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Amendment Bill, 2024 prioritises financial penalties over jail time, incentivising cleaner industries. Read more »
fintech sector, regulation, SRO

RBI ban on Paytm Payments Bank rocks fintech sector ahead of crucial IPOs

Regulatory action on Paytm Payments Bank exposes systemic issues in the fintech sector, prompting calls for stricter norms and stable framework. #Paytm #Fintech Read more »
PLI scheme

PLI Scheme: Rs 41,000 crore unutilised funds raise questions about effectiveness

Despite ambitious goals, the PLI scheme faces tepid response from companies in some sectors, leading to unspent funds and calls for adjustments. #PLIscheme Read more »