data protection act 2023

Data Protection Act: Big Tech on government’s cross-hairs over compliance deadline

Big tech firms such as Google, Meta, and Microsoft face a stiff challenge as they prepare to adapt to India's stringent data protection Act. #dataprivacy #DigitalPersonalDataProtectionAct2023 #bigtech Read more »
The Women's Reservation Bill 2023

Women’s Reservation Bill: A landmark in addressing gender disparities

The Women's Reservation Bill could be a watershed moment in enhancing women's representation in state and national policymaking, marking a pivotal step towards achieving gender parity. #Women'sReservationBill Read more »
old pension scheme vs new

OPS vs NPS: Reviving the old pension scheme could spell fiscal doom

States reverting to the Old Pension Scheme from the National Pension System risk escalating fiscal liabilities by 4.5 times, jeopardising their economic stability. #OPS #NPS #oldpensionscheme Read more »
NMC regulations

Government may release NMC regulations in diluted form

The government may water down NMC regulations for professionals in the face of opposition from medical community. #medical #news #NMC #pharmaceuticals Read more »
online gaming regulation

Online gaming: India needs innovative approach to regulation

India must strike a balance between innovation, integrity, and responsible gaming to regulate its online gaming industry. #fantasysports #gambling #gst #gamesofskill #gamesofchance Read more »
digital public infrastructure, DPI

Developed world can follow India’s lead in digital public infrastructure

India has taken a lead in rolling out digital public infrastructure, but developed countries face resistance because of concerns over data security and privacy. #DPI #G20 Read more »
GM mustard

Concerns over environmental impact of GM mustard could delay approval

Pro-GM scientists are upset with the Supreme Court's questions on the environmental impact of GM mustard, and argue that the delay could impact India's edible oil security. #GMMustard #hybridcrops #agriculture #Indianews Read more »
Competition Act, big tech

Competition Act: CCI proposes swift antitrust resolution for tech giants

The CCI introduces changes in the Competition Act for offering expedited resolution options for technology giants. #bigtech #CCI #CompetitionAct Read more »

NCLT guidelines: Govt’s bold steps to expedite resolution of IBC cases

Corporate affairs ministry is spearheading a strategic overhaul of the NCLT guidelines to expedite IBC cases. #IBC #NCLT #InsolvencyandBankruptcy #Law Read more »
the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023

Privacy dilemma: Safeguarding personal data in the digital era

A parliamentary standing committee underscores the urgent need for a comprehensive data protection law to strike a balance between technological advancement and safeguarding citizens' privacy. Read more »