Odisha migrants returning

Odisha’s quiet success in war on Covid-19 pandemic

The Odisha government put in place a network of infrastructure to handle the return of migrants and this seems to have paid off. Read more »
India tourism after coronavirus outbreak

Six ways how Covid-19 pandemic will change tourism industry

Success of the tourism industry in recouping after the coronavirus outbreak will depend on its ability to adjust to these six factors. Read more »
Migrant labour exodus

Indian economy needs a booster shot, not slow medicine

The need of the hour is to stimulate demand; none of the measure contained in the Rs 20 lakh crore package will help the government achieve this objective. Read more »
IBC may be better served by an overhaul

The IBC dilemma: Will Covid-19 relaxations render insolvency laws ineffective?

The question is will the relaxation in bankruptcy laws enacted to help struggling corporates lead to a situation where it will be difficult to roll them back. Read more »
fiscal conservatism threat to Indian economy

India’s storied middle class may be sliding into poverty

The high single digit growth rate enjoyed by the economy in the last two decades could be a thing of the past if the government fails to address the middle-class distress. Read more »
alcohol revenues of indian states

India’s Faustian bargain: Alcohol revenues trump health, welfare

More than a fourth of India’s workforce is unemployed at present. Opening up of alcohol trade will result in a drain on already dwindling household savings, pushing several families further into financial... Read more »
Congested Indian city

Decongest cities, promote industries in villages to revive economic growth

Apart from short-term measures to mitigate economic pain of the pandemic, the government must also rethink the current development paradigm. Read more »

An imperfect future: Imagining the post-Covid world order

The new world order: The post-coronavirus world will witness a rise in authoritarianism, protectionist economic policies, and mounting social tension, says Pushparaj Deshpande. Read more »
covid-19 second wave in india

India may cap coronavirus deaths below 7,000

The government must probe high coronavirus fatality in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Read more »
India SEZs face Covid Coronavirus threat

COVID-19: Lockdown poses fresh challenges to SEZs

SEZs may be allowed to sell in domestic market till other industrial units become fully operational after the lockdown. Read more »