masks save economy from Covid-19

Covid-19: Broad guidelines for media coverage

This policy brief suggests 22 dos and don’ts for media -- includes print, visual, public engagement by authorities and shares and forwards by lay public -- during the coronavirus pandemic. Read more »
India Press Note 3 of 2020

India must fortify foreign investment screening rules to escape WTO scrutiny

India needs a proper system for the screening of FDI proposals that is not targeted at selected countries. Read more »
kerala model healthcare

Kerala’s Covid-19 response: First person account by a visiting non-resident Malayali

The presence of a well-oiled government machinery in Kerala is a confidence booster for residents and visitors alike. Read more »
India covid coronavirus pandemic response

Focus on life, livelihood key to an inclusive post-Covid economy

The demand-side interventions should focus on sustainable agriculture and MSMEs that take care of the concerns by the worker and the entrepreneur. Read more »
Budget 2021 agriculture

In theory: The economics of man vs animal conflicts

Unless there are clear property titles and free help for negotiations, gruesome animal killings will continue to happen. Read more »
Chinese economy faces hurdles

Crouching Dragon: Chinese influence set to rise in post-Covid global economy

Ageing population, mistrust among nations will check Chinese ambitions for world domination, leadership. Read more »
Kerala tourism amid coronavirus, covid pandemic

Returning migrants: Big trouble awaits Covid-hit Kerala economy

If the 2008 crisis is anything to go by, the next few months will see 2-2.5 lakh people returning from abroad. Read more »
indian middle class shoppers in a mall

Honey I shrunk the middle class, killed the Indian economy

India faces a peculiar situation -- businesses are not borrowing because of a demand slump, the middle class is borrowing because their incomes have shrunk. Read more »
ADB's GDP growth forecast for Indian economy

The Big Red Arrow Pointing Up: How indices fail to explain Covid-induced global recession

Underwear Index, the Confident Consumer, and the Stairway to Heaven: Governments and businesses are rendered clueless by the demise of old templates. Read more »
safe drinking water supply

Sustainable water management ideas for post-Covid India

Water suppliers need to collect charges to fund maintenance of the system and for capacity expansion. Targeted subsidies can be provided to the weaker sections. Read more »